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Gayla (or if you prefer, G. L.) loves to write and entertain people. She writes scifi as G. L. Drummond, fantasy and other things as Gayla Drummond.


One of her favorite pursuits is working to rescue animals, and as a result, a pack of eight has become part of her family. She loves to ride, and is happy to have two awesome horses. On the human side, two teens claim her as ‘Mom’, and her life partner is a storm-chasing veteran of nearly thirty years.


She has a katana, and isn’t afraid to use it, among her collection of shiny, sharp objects. She is also quite prepared for the Zombocalypse, and is a diehard Wolverine (the X Man, not the team) fan grrl.

Darkness Falling

Darkness Falling - David Niall Wilson,  Neil Jackson This was a great vampire story with liberal splashes of music and vivid imagery. A story of lust, cruelty, revenge, love, rock and roll!I recommend it to those who prefer Dracula and/or St. Germain sorts of vampires over the more modern types being portrayed in fiction now a days.